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2010 Pikes Peak Region Solar Tour and Expo

WHAT is the Solar Tour? 

The 12th annual 2010 Pikes Peak Region Solar Tour and Expo is presented and organized by South East Colorado Renewable Energy Society (SECRES) and is part of the American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES’) National Solar Tour, the largest grassroots solar energy event in the nation.  The tour has become more than an event – it is a movement.  ASES estimates that the 2010 National Tour will see over 160,000 people visit 5,500 homes/business in 3,200 communities across all 50 states and Puerto Rico 

The overarching goal of the Pikes Peak Region Solar Tour and Expo is to increase public awareness and educate the public on the benefits of energy-efficient and solar-powered homes, business and public buildings. Additionally, in 2010 SECRES is looking to the future by building long-term connections within local schools (K-16) and other youth outreach organizations to light the spark in our next generation of scientists and engineers! 

WHEN does the Tour occur?

The Pikes Peak Region tour takes place along with many other regional tours on Saturday, October 2, 2010 in and around the Pikes Peak region.

WHERE does the Tour and Expo scheduled? 

The Colorado Springs Solar Tour and Expo is organized as two events, each taking place from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday, October 2, 2010. 

WHO participates? 

There are variety of solar-savvy citizens willing to open the doors of their homes, businesses, buildings and public agencies to friends, neighbors and associates to share their personal solar experiences and educate others about the benefits of energy-efficient living and going solar. 

In addition, SECRES is also building long-term connections within local schools (K-16) and other youth outreach organizations to light the spark in our next generation of scientists and engineers!  This event creates an outstanding opportunity for educators to leverage National Energy Awareness Month (October) and our relationships with organizations like the National Lab Day, Colorado Technical University, the Catamount Institute and the Center for Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM) Education and to encourage more classroom interactions between STEM professional, educators and students.

WHY does the Solar Tour matter?

 There are many reasons why evangelizing the benefits of solar energy matters to all Americans.  They include, but are not limited to:

Inspiring the next generation  of Scientists and engineers – The U.S. was once among the top countries in  terms of the ratio of science and engineering degrees to its college-age population.  We now rank near the bottom among the 23 nations that collect data. SECRES is working with national and local organizations (National Lab Day, Catamount Institute, Center for STEM Education) to leverage the annual Solar Tour and use it as a catalyst to build long-term connections with local schools (K-16), encourage more classroom interactions between STEM professional, educators and students, and light the spark in our next generation of scientists and engineers.  

Macro Economics – Billions of dollars are being invested in America’s new Clean Energy Economy, whose promise will drive energy independence, national security interests, job creation, cleaner communities and new export opportunities for America, who 50 years ago actually invented solar photovoltaic technology, the technology that transforms the sun’s energy into electricity to power our homes, businesses and vehicles.

Micro Economics — Harnessing the free, renewable energy of the sun allows home owners, property owners and businesses to drastically reduce their monthly energy bills.  There’s a real thrill to watching one’s utility meter spin backwards!  It’s even more fun to decide where to invest the money being saved each month on utility bills.

Tax Breaks, Cash Grants & Related Incentives – The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) offers tax credits of up to 30% for home owners and businesses interested in going solar.  Cash grants are available for businesses with little tax appetite. Public agencies can creatively realize these benefits via PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements). 

Green Jobs – Roofers, electricians, contractors, entrepreneurs and others hardest hit by this economy’s unemployment numbers can diversify their businesses and find new revenue streams in the business of solar.  From Wyoming to Ohio, solar industry companies are employing Americans to build and improve solar technologies.  And assemble the panels.  And transport them.  And install them.  You can’t export a solar installer’s job!

National Security — The U.S. sends over $24 billion each month to foreign nations to sate its addiction to oil.  Money we send to these nations can actually fuel activities that are hostile to our Democratic principles and national security interests.  Clean, domestic energy keeps these monies here in America – and fuels America’s domestic economic and security agenda.

Technological Improvements –  Rooftop solar, rackless mounting, ground-based options, solar thermal and bi-facial building-integrated solutions make it clear that one size solar no longer fits all.  The National Solar Tour affords citizens across America to be solar inspired with the remarkable progress we’ve made in this industry – and to learn about the many solutions available to meet their needs.

Solar is More Affordable Than Ever  – Module prices have dropped 30-40% in recent years, incentives at federal, state and local levels continue to come online, credit markets are loosening and new financing mechanisms are springing up to offer Americans more clean, responsible (and ) energy options than ever before.   Cities like San Diego are allowing folks to finance clean energy improvements to their homes over a 20-year period via their property tax bills.  Neighborhood collectives like Solarize Portland are bringing to bear the power of bulk-rate purchases to realize economies of scale that further cut costs and create cleaner neighborhoods.

Cleaner, Sustainable Communities – The bulk of the electricity generated in this nation comes from fossil-fuel fed power plants, many of which belch dangerous materials into our atmosphere.   Further, the recent oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico make it clear that Americans pay a dear price for allowing foreign and domestic corporations the rights to profit from our natural resources.  The more we individually strive for responsible clean energy solutions, the more we collectively achieve our nation’s energy independence objectives.   

Americans have a voice in how they get their energy – and what source of energy they prefer.  And they have control over whether they choose to perpetuate America’s energy problems, or be a part of her solution.    

Choosing clean energy improves our economy, supports our national security interests, preserves the quality of the air we breathe and ensures the future health of the communities in which we live.   

Solar energy serves people of all political persuasions.  To quote Pulitzer Prize winning author and columnist Thomas Friedman, “Green is the new red, white and blue.”

Event Details

Event Date and Time:  Saturday, October 2nd 2010,  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Location:  The Expo (and tour starting point) will be located at Colorado Technical University,  4435 N. Chestnut St.   Colorado Springs, CO 80907.  The tour consists of 13 homes and businesses in the Colorado Springs area that are using solar energy to generate electricity, hot water or space heat 

How Does it Work?:  Come out to Colorado Technical University during the free Expo to see the latest in home and business energy efficiency and renewable energy technology.  While there, purchase a brochure and tour program/map to participate in the self-guided tour of homes and businesses using solar energy in the Colorado Springs area.

 Tour Fees

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes:  Attend at least three tour locations and you can submit your name for a drawing to be held at the end of the tour.  Prizes range in value from $25 to $400

Questions:  Contact the tour organizer, Cliff Kotnik, at    clkotnik@att.net  or  719-484-2284 

Participate in the Tour:  Help increase solar awareness in our community.  Volunteer to your time on the tour or consider opening the doors of your home or business.  Systems can be solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, solar pool heating or solar space heating or other energy-efficient or renewable energy systems.  Contact the tour organizer for more information.

Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor at the Expo:  Contact Jon Tulien at jctulien@gmail.com for Sponsorship opportunities and Jack Beal at Jhbeal@aol.com for information on presenting your products or services at the Expo.

Organized and Presented by:  Southeast Colorado Renewable Energy Society (SECRES)

Sponsored by:  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Students of Colorado Technical University (CTU), Colorado Springs Technical University and, Colorado Springs Utilities.

Supported by:  Our dedicated home & business owners and our promotional partners



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